Our Range

Each of our log cabin is created individually for the needs of a given client. We want it to be as easy as possible, therefore we include the following costs in the valuation

  • Floor, jois 4×2 polystyrene thermal insulation, expansion foam, waterproof mat, 18mm boards and laminate flooring.
  • Walls, jois 4×2, polystyrene thermal insulation,
    outside, 9mm osb board, anti-moisture membrane, wooden battons, wood cladding inside, wood cladding or plasterboard and multifinish and painting.
  • Roof, joist 6×2 polystyrene thermal insulation
    outside, board osb 18mm, EPDM Rubber membranes warranty 20 years
    inside, wood cladding or plasterboard and mutifinish and painting.
  • Upvc french doors and two side panels, possibility of change on customer’s request.
  • Electric points and fuse box.

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