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Who Are We?

We are a new company created by people with great passion and experience in the construction of log cabins. Our every project is carried out by highly qualified specialists who always do their best to create a dream space for all of our clients and help them at every stage of the project. Additionally, we always make sure to use the best materials available on the UK market and in the European Union.

We may ensure you that we build each log cabin with the greatest accuracy. What is more, the cabins are always built in accordance with construction rules in the UK. Fortunately, most studios come under so called ‘permitted development’ so they do not require planning consent.

Use your log cabin all year round: in summer with the open doors, in winter enjoying the warmth thanks to double glazing doors and windows and full insulation of the roof, floor, and walls. It is within our abilities to build a log cabin that will blend in with your garden and will become its integral part.

Planning permission

Do I Need Planning Permission for my Log Cabin ?

Our Range

Each of our log cabin is created individually for the needs of a given client.

Our Prices

Log cabin prices start at 800£ per square meter.

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When you work with us, you work with a team that is dedicated to your best interests. Contact us today!